Anod Network Security Filter DriverNETWORK SECURITY is a specialized field in computer networking that involves securing a computer network infrastructure. Network security is typically handled by a network administrator or system administrator who implements the security policy, network software and hardware needed to protect a network and the resources accessed through the network from unauthorized access and also ensure that employees have adequate access to the network and resources to work. Many network security threats today are spread over the Internet. The most common include:
• Viruses, worms, and Trojan horses
• Spyware and adware
• Zero-day attacks, also called zero-hour attacks
• Hacker attacks
• Denial of service attacks
• Data interception and theft
• Identity theft
A network security system usually consists of many components. Ideally, all components work together, which minimizes maintenance and improves security. Network security components often include:
• Anti-virus and anti-spyware
• Firewall, to block unauthorized access to your network
• Intrusion prevention systems (IPS), to identify fast-spreading threats, such as zero-day or zero-hour attacks
• Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), to provide secure remote access.
ANOD NETWORK SECURITY FILTER is the security software for such hardware like wi-fi adapter. The ANOD NETWORK SECURITY FILTER is not a component of Windows and appears to be installed with some D-Link software and may be used for network management.
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