Almohanad FontArabic belongs to the Semitic branch of the Afro-Asiatic language family. The number of Arabic-speaking and its variants is about 240 million (mother tongue), and still about 50 million people use Arabic as a second language. Classical Arabic – the language of the Quran – limited use for religious purposes adherents of Islam around the world. Modern colloquial Arabic is divided into 5 groups of dialects, which are actually separate languages from a linguistic point of view:
• Maghreb group of dialects
• Egyptian-Sudanese Arabic
• Syro-Mesopotamian Arabic
• Arabian group of dialects
• Central Asian group of dialects
Arabic language is writing on the basis of the Arabic alphabet. Arabic is written from right to left. And in Arabic, unlike with Latin or Cyrillic script, no capital letters, so proper names are written like any other word, as well as the first word in a sentence. Punctuation marks are written in inverted form, i.e., from left to right. Instead of underlining, italics or discharging Arabs usually use the top underscore. Fractional word wrap to the next line is not permitted; empty space in the string is eliminated by stretching the letter. In cursive writing word that does not fit into the line ends by turning up.
Due to the popularity of the language which has grown in many operating systems and programs began to build special fonts for Arabic. If your system or some application does have such font you can download ALMOHANAD FONT from the link below.