Alcatel Single Rndis Interface DriverThe Remote Network Driver Interface Specification is a Microsoft proprietary protocol used mostly on top of USB. It provides a virtual Ethernet link to most versions of the Windows operating system. A partial RNDIS specification is available from Microsoft. The protocol is tightly coupled to Microsoft’s programming interfaces and models, most notably the Network Driver Interface Specification, which are alien to operating systems other than Windows. This complicates implementing RNDIS on non-Microsoft operating systems, but FreeBSD and OpenBSD implement RNDIS natively.
Remote NDIS eliminates the need for hardware vendors to write an NDIS miniport device driver for a network device attached to the USB bus. It accomplishes this by defining a bus-independent message set and a description of how this message set operates over the USB bus. Remote NDIS interface is standardized, that’s why one set of host drivers can support any number of networking devices attached to the USB bus. This significantly reduces the development burden on device manufacturers, improves the overall stability of the system and improves the end-user experience because there are no drivers to install to support a new USB bus-connected network device.
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