Airturn Bt 105 ManualHave you ever experienced problems with page turning on your PC or tablet? Airturn Bt 105 is made for people that don’t want to turn pages themselves or people that are unable to do it. This is a great hands free page turner that can turn pages on your iOS or Android device forwards and backwards. It comes with two Silent Pedals that can make your life easier by a whole bunch. Just press the pedal and the page will turn itself backwards or forwards. This device is made in USA and it is even bullet-proof!
The best about this device is that it is absolutely silent and wireless. Yes, who needs wires when you just need to turn your page? Its mechanism-free action is well-done by the engineers. You can connect Airturn Bt 105 with iPad and bluetooth-equipped Android, Mac and PC computers. Standard rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery is included. Lots of customers are rating this device 10 out of 10 because it helped to make their lives easier. They can read now, using only two pedals to turn their pages.
By the way, if you are still looking for Airturn Bt 105 Manual, then you just need to scroll down thsi post to the bottom, click the download button and download Airturn Bt 105 Manual for free. Yes, I have decided to share it in case somebody would like to read more about it before purchasing it for himself or for somebody. Check out this Airturn Bt 105 Manual and you will be able to know more amazing stuff about this device.


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