3AirSync 1.8.0 apk is a free application for Android for synchronizing music between your cell phone and personal computer. You can easily transfer your iTunes library to your Android phone. To complete this particular task, you need to download the same software on both devices.

Afterwards, you need to enter a password in order to unblock your phone. Synchronization may take place. Then you will automatically get the contents of your iTunes library on your mobile phone. AirSync has been duly recommended by the BBC, New York Times and Wall Street Journal. This tool is trusted by numerous users.

Some special features in association with this tool include automatic import and downloading of MP3 purchases from cellular phone to PC; secure pairing of Android device with PC, compatible with latest version of double TwistPlayer, wireless synchronizing of iTune music and other files with ease and many more.

It is available for free download on the internet. Even it will not occupy much space on the hard disk due to the moderate size of the file. Now there remains no requirement to go with wired cables as that particular task will be performed by specially designed software. Day by day innovation is touching the best height of the sky.

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