Adobe Reader 11.0.06 Offline InstallerOn the computer you can see various document formats in which you can create, view and save your text and image information. But most of these formats are usually system bound, so if one format works on Windows OS then itโ€™s highly likely that it won’t be opened or will open with limited compatibility in a Linux or Mac OS. Because of this various programmers tried to develop an unique standard of a document format for all operating system, so that the compatibility issue won’t be at hand. Adobe Systems presented the first stable for that time format, which is used up until our days, the PDF – Portable Document Format. And with it, they immediately presented their own PDF reader named Adobe Reader.

Adobe Reader is a package of programs, released by the Adobe Systems company for creation and view of electronic publications in the PDF format. It was firstly released in 1993. There exist various versions of the package, which differ by features: Adobe Reader Standard, Adobe Reader Professional, Adobe Reader Professional Extended and Adobe Reader Elements. The development of Adobe Reader Professional extended was terminated in 2013 with the ninth versions of Adobe Reader. In the tenth version of Adobe Reader the users could choose from three different packages: Reader X Standard, Reader X Pro and Reader X Suite. The latest version is Adobe Reader 11, which was released in December 2014.

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