adobe illustrator cs5 serial number generatorADOBE ILLUSTRATOR CS5 is a graphics editor based on vector drawing that allows high accuracy when it comes to creating designs. ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR CS5 the perfect tool for all kinds of design. Whether you are a professional web designer or you just want to create a poster and some invites for a friend’s party, your creativity will be boosted with Adobe Illustrator’s impressive set of drawing tools, brushes, color processing tools, and gradient effects, not to mention the wide array of filters and special effects with which you can add the final touch to your drawing. Some of the features:
• A host of time-savers, and integration with Adobe CS Live.
• Take advantage of exceptional precision and power to create distinctive vector artwork.
• Combine highly controllable drawing tools with expressive natural brushes and dramatic effects to make unique, striking designs.
• And character styles, paragraph composition, underlining and strikethroughs, transparent effects, and more.
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