Actiontec V1000h ManualOver the past years internet has changed our views of entertainment, study and relaxation. It has expanded to such heights that it’s probably the most used element world-wide. Throughout its history the internet expanded exponentially and the number of its features went sky-high and their quality grew with time. Various devices were invented and afterwards upgraded in order to deliver a high quality internet connection to your computer. A router is a typical end connection device that you can see almost at every house with internet.

There are a good number of routers on the market that work with different connection types and offer different features. Among them you can find a budget priced router from Actiontec company – V1000H. Actiontec V1000H is a wireless VDSL modem router that can easily deliver high speed ADSL2 / ADSL2+ internet to your computer and at the same time can transmit HD IPTV. The powerful hardware of the Actiontec V1000H allows the use of high bandwidth services like HD IPTV, HD telephony and others. Also, the V1000H has an integrated firewall and an advanced security that includes stateful package inspection, denial of service protection and of course WPA and WEP wireless encryption.

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The Actiontec V1000H modem is quite complex and in order to operate with it efficiently and with ease, it is necessary to read through its manual. The Actiontec V1000H manual can be downloaded by clicking on the link below. The download is absolutely free!