Ableton is a digital audio workstation as well as a music sequencer for the OS X and Windows platforms. Unlike most of the digital audio workstations, Ableton is mainly focused on Live performances rather than recording. This does not however limit its functionality. It can be used for composing, recording, arranging, mixing and mastering. A lot of DJs also find Ableton quite useful particularly in the sense that it has better controls for crossfading, beat matching and other effects that are available on turntables. The interface is very compact making sure that you can access all the basic and most useful elements. All you need is one screen to be able to view all these controls. It also comes with a number of in-built tools such as the impulse, simpler and drum rack. There are also several other add-ons that prove quite useful. To activate your version of the software, download the Ableton Keygen here.


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