10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace – PDF (ePub, eBook) file download

To find inner balance and achieve harmony in the soul, each of us dreams. But not everyone knows what needs to be done to reach the appointed goal. In fact, there are a number of simple recommendations, but most of us forget about them because of everyday household chores.

Every day we solve a lot of problems and they distract us from the most important thing – spiritual harmony. Let’s try to stop and think about our life. In order for our work to be more effective, we need to start with ourselves.

You need to take a pen and a sheet of paper. Now write down what you think leads the person to success. Write at least 10 items. And now read and analyze the following statements.

Secret 1. You must realize your close relationship with God, because you are his creation.

Secret 2. You must think positively. Do not let negative thoughts weaken your spirit. Always keep in mind thoughts that fill you with energy. Do not let fear prevent you from going to your goal.

Secret 3. Remember that you can not get used to and become attached to anything. And you must always be ready to meet with the new and amazing. The ability to perform real miracles appears when your mind is open and ready to use its boundless possibilities.


Secret 4. Stay true to yourself. Abraham Maslow said: “A musician must create music, an artist should write pictures, and a poet should write poetry, if, of course, they want to live in peace with themselves. A man must be what he can be. ” You have come to our world for a reason – you have your own unique mission. Your task is to find your favorite employment and do it with pleasure and love.

Secret 5. If you want to give and receive love and joy, remember: you can only give what you have. You receive from the world only what you give away. You attract the same energy that you give.
Secret 6. You need to learn how to listen to silence.
Our world is very big and noisy. People forgot how to live in silence and in harmony with nature. An endless stream of thoughts does not make you feel at ease. Learn to sink into silence and your connection with the Source will be adjusted.

Secret 7. Remember that your past is past. Remaining in the past, you do not give a chance that the present has come.

Secret 8. Any problem has a spiritual solution. If you change your mind, all your problems will be solved. If

Secret 9. Get rid of grievances. By keeping your grievances, you are again in trouble! Become people that no one and nothing can offend.


Secret 10. Imagine that you have already become what you wanted Concentrate your thoughts on who you want to become – an artist, musician, programmer, anyone. Then start behaving as if your ideals have become reality. If you want to become an artist, then in your imagination you will write pictures, visit art galleries, meet with famous artists and live in the art world. In a word, you will lead the life of the artist. Thus, you create your own image, take responsibility for your destiny in your own hands.
By investing more and more energy in what you want to accomplish, you begin to see how your intentions come to life.

So, we disassembled 10 secrets of success. And now compare your secrets of success (what you wrote), with what you learned from this article? What are the similarities and differences?